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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weird Word Wednesday


      verb bi·fur·cate \ˈbī-(ˌ)fər-ˌkāt, bī-ˈfər-\
: to divide into two parts
Full Definition of BIFURCATE

transitive verb
:  to cause to divide into two branches or parts
intransitive verb
:  to divide into two branches or parts
— bi·fur·cate \(ˌ)bī-ˈfər-kət, -ˌkāt; ˈbī-(ˌ)fər-ˌkāt\ adjective
See bifurcate defined for English-language learners
Examples of BIFURCATE

The stream bifurcated into two narrow winding channels.
bifurcate a beam of light

Medieval Latin bifurcatus, past participle of bifurcare, from Latin bifurcus two-pronged, from bi- + furca fork
First Known Use: 1615

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