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Friday, April 15, 2011

Characters with Disabilities or Health Issues

In creating a character for one of my books, I decided to give him migraine headaches. This came about because I started having migraines a couple of years ago and I thought by giving him a health problem, it would add a touch of realism to the character. This character was an invincible king and I wanted to make him seem a little vulnerable to make him more likeable.

Do readers like to read stories with characters that are disabled or have a health issue? I know there are a lot of romances with heroes that are depressed or somewhat mentally scarred from dealing with a painful past, but I don’t see many heroes in romances with physical issues. Some of the heroes I’ve read about had scars, but not any other physical disorders. Beauty and the Beast is a great example of a story with a character that has physical scars. These types of romances are popular, but what about a hero that is crippled?

I would like to see more stories like this. Maybe I will write one. I had an idea for a romance with a crippled hero—he can walk but walks with a pronounced limp and it limits him from doing things he used to do. Being crippled can make a man feel less of a man and I think this is a great concept for a romance—how does he overcome his fears? Or his frustration and anger? How does the heroine help him cope with his disability? This was something that came to mind—what if the heroine caused his crippling injury?

This gives a writer a lot to think about.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Long Hair Hottie for April!

For the month of April, I picked a personal favorite of mine. This American actor has been on my radar for some time now. Jared Tristan Padelecki grew up in Texas and has appeared in television shows like Gilmore Girls and several Hollywood movies, but he caught my attention when he starred in the CW show called Supernatural. Both of the stars of this show are hot, but only Jared has the long hair requirement to be a pick for my blog. Enjoy!

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