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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The five young women of Hecate's Fury are more than rock stars... #MFRWSteam


Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PGKRZ3W?ref_=dbs_p_mng_rwt_ser_shvlr&storeType=ebooks


The five young women of Hecate’s Fury are more than rock stars.

They are Shadow-walkers, chosen to help the supernatural world.

There’s just one problem. No one trained them.


Read all five books in this highly rated series:

Awakening, Book 1

Sometimes, the end is really the beginning.

More than passion ignites with Kate, rock star/scriptwriter, is trapped in a haunted cabin with the hot Scottish actor playing her hero.


Awakening the Wolf, Book 2

She doesn’t believe in love.

Two charming, handsome werewolves vie for her attentions. Both are suspects. As the clues lead to a shocking discovery connected to her past, Cyn realizes she is tied to these werewolves by more than her mystical rune. Even if she opens her heart to love, werewolves are monogamous. She is not.


Awakening the Vampire, Book 3

She protects supernaturals. He hunts them.

Witnessing a ritualistic murder thrusts Jessie into the arms of a handsome, mysterious hunter/dhampir and into the very destiny she has tried to avoid. When Jessie and Merrick team up to stop the murderer, neither can deny the rising passion between them. With Death stalking her, surviving won’t be easy.

Awakening the Fae, Book 4

Time can’t separate them, but fate can.

Dina, the wild, strong-willed drummer for Hecate’s Fury and wearer of the Gateway rune, is thrust back in time where she meets a tall, handsome faery king. Beneath all the beauty of the aes sidhe city lurks a dark, menacing danger, and nothing is as it seems. Another covets her Shadow-walker and bruja powers. Past and present collide as both males vie for her. Only the power of love and sacrifice can unite her with her true mate.

Awakening the Dragon, Book 5

She barely escaped his blade once, but not his passion.

Ten years ago, Mickey had a one-night stand with the dragon shifter. His ominous reappearance puzzles her, especially since it coincides with a recent string of unsolved murders in L.A. Whether his return is a coincidence or not, she can’t deny the powerful attraction between them. When the Council accuses Savic of the murders, she will defend him, to the death if necessary.

More information on Shadow-walkers and buy links: https://www.kelleyheckart.com/shadowwalkers.html


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