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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letting go of the past

I admit I like to collects things—knick-knacks and memorabilia from my past. My collecting wasn’t too bad in the beginning, but after 30 plus years of stuff, my house is full. Most of the things I have are worthless to anyone but me. The necklaces and bracelets I’ve kept over the years are pretty or cool, but I don’t wear them anymore. So why do I keep them? I think I hang on to my rocker jewelry because of the memories that are imprinted in the various leather-studded, skull-adorned, snake-shaped jewelry that I used to wear as part of my rock-n-roll persona, a part of my life that no longer exists. A psychiatrist would probably say that I am afraid to let go of that part of my life.

And then there are the numerous crystals and stones that I have collected over the years. Do I need that many rocks? No. I don’t need all the shot glasses and other stuff in my giant curio cabinet either. I remember when I went shopping for this curio cabinet and ended up buying the largest one I could find and easily filled it with stuff. I actually have two curio cabinets—the small one I started out with (and should have stopped with that one) and the gigantic one that the movers could barely get into our house.

No, I am not surrounded by stacks of boxes or left with tiny pathways to move around my house—at least not yet. After reading about a woman in Las Vegas that was believed to be missing and later found dead under piles of her belongings, and after watching a couple of episodes of Hoarders, I have finally started getting rid of some of my things that I don’t use anymore. By purging some of these things from my past, I feel like I can breathe easier and think more clearly. For the first time, I can find a tank top right away and not have to spend fifteen minutes digging through piles of them to find what I am looking for. I kept a couple of pieces of my rocker jewelry, but got rid of the rest. And I am proud to say that I have an empty drawer in my dresser for the first time in years. The empty drawer is screaming for me to fill it up with stuff, but I’m not listening.
By letting go of the past, I feel a freedom I haven’t felt in a long time.

Kelley Heckart
'Timeless tales of romance, conflict & magic'

Friday, July 01, 2011

Long Hair Hottie for July!

This talented Chilean actor, Santiago Cabrera, trained at London's prestigious Drama Center. He had small roles in British television series. His breakthrough role was in the widely popular US show Heroes. I noticed him when he was cast as Lancelot in the popular SyFy series Merlin. This six-foot hunk is hot with or without long hair, but of course I prefer him with longer hair. And he plays a very fine Lancelot, looking awesome wielding a long sword.
Kelley Heckart
'Timeless tales of romance, conflict & magic'