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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween, or as the ancient Celts called it, Samhain, is my favorite time of the year. There is something magical in the air when the air turns crisp, and the shadows deepen. For the Celts, it was the beginning of the new year celebrated on November 1st. Samhain was a religious celebration and also a time for the tribes to settle any issues for the coming year. It was the smothering of the summer fires, and the entry into the dark winter. It was also the one night of the year when the veil was thin between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Faeries and other spirits would roam the earth coming into contact with mere mortals. Samhain plays a big part in my Celtic stories because it was such a huge part of the ancient Celts.

So, we can thank the ancient Celts for introducing us to Halloween, which we now celebrate with candy and costume parties.

Happy Halloween & Samhain to all!


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Dreamer said...

Halloween is my favorite time of the year,also. As a child, I could feel the magic in the air. I knew that there was something very different about the season. There seemed to be whispers in the air and a deep mystery that surrounded me. I just couldn't put it all into words, but I knew it was there.Later, as a teenager, I read about the Celts and Samhain and it was all put into words and meaning for me.To me, that is the importance of stories and words-it brings thoughts and feelings to life through language.Special blessings to you,storyteller!~Celtic Bard @Amazon.com (Dreamer@Blogger.com)