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Monday, January 05, 2015

Monday Musings: Excerpt #3 from The Bear Goddess PG-13

The Bear Goddess, Greek myths/fantasy/shapeshifters/romance
In Print and Kindle on amazon.com
Release date: 11/9/14
Page Count: 284 in print
ISBN-10: 1502982684
ISBN-13: 978-1502982681
Kindle Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P74X0WY
Trade Paperback Buy Link on amazon.com:
Forbidden love… Broken vows… Betrayal…
A nymph. A centaur. Enemies in love.
Will love be enough to save them?
He nudged the animal with his bare foot. The boar didn’t move. Convinced it was dead, Kasin faced Callisto. A small amount of blood pooled from a wound in her right side. He knelt next to her and shook her. “Callisto, wake up.”
She let out a soft moan.
He brushed her hair to one side of her face. Dark lashes fluttered against smooth olive skin. Her pink lips fascinated him, looking soft and dew-kissed.
Glancing at the boar whose tusks came within a finger length of goring her in the chest, he realized he had found her just in time. The injury she had received didn’t look like a deep cut. She had lost only a small amount of blood, yet she was unconscious. He searched for other wounds, but found nothing, no bumps or gashes on her head. Why wasn’t she awake?
It was then that he remembered the silver-tipped tusks. He didn’t know if silver in a minor cut could kill a nymph or if the wound had to be a mortal one, but it appeared the silver had poisoned her body.
What was he going to do with her? When he looked down at her, he didn’t see an enemy, only a wounded, vulnerable female. He had been taught to hate Artemis’s nymphs, but the betrayal happened long before his birth. What if everything he had been told was a lie? Doubts plagued him. He couldn’t just leave her to die. Maybe if he had not caused her to lose her spear, she would have been able to defend herself. He wasn’t sure he could help her, but he would do what he could for her.
He scooped her up into his arms and headed back to his camp at the hidden waterfall where he left his clothes, weapons and supplies, and where he had bedding and blankets to make her comfortable.
Moaning, she wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her head against his shoulder.
His body stirred with desire. A dangerous and possibly stupid idea began to form in his mind. If she survived her wound, he would claim her as his war prize.
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