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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Weird Word Wednesday

1   Bilabial
      adjective bi·la·bi·al \(ˌ)bī-ˈlā-bē-əl\
Definition of BILABIAL

of a consonant
:  produced with both lips
Origin of BILABIAL

International Scientific Vocabulary
First Known Use: 1878
linguistics : a sound made by using both lips
Full Definition of BILABIAL

:  a bilabial consonant
See bilabial defined for English-language learners
Examples of BILABIAL

English bilabials such as and .
First Known Use of BILABIAL

adjective  bi·la·bi·al  \(ˈ)bī-ˈlā-bē-əl\
Medical Definition of BILABIAL

:  of or relating to both lips

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