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Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Musings: Wind, my nemesis in the desert

I don’t like the wind. Other areas have bad weather like blizzards or below zero temperatures, but here in the Arizona desert, we have wind. Harsh, biting, gusting, unrelenting wind.

Wind trashes my yard and swimming pool.
Wind yanks the car door out of my hand and I dent the car door next to me.
Wind snatches papers out of my hand and makes me look ridiculous as I chase them while the wind keeps blowing them down the street.
Wind ruins my hairstyle.
Wind blows trashcans and other debris into the road.
I hate wind.

In the book, A Witch’s Guide to Faery Folk, the ones associated with wind/air are particularly nasty. One example is the Spriggans of England and Cornwall, where they are believed to be bodyguards for the Unseelie Court. They are described as “dangerously malevolent.” They can command destructive winds at their will. Contact is not advised. Hmm, I wonder if these little demons often travel to Arizona.

My least favorite days are the windy ones. You learn really fast here in the desert not to leave anything outside that might blow away. And that’s usually after something blows away, something big that you couldn’t possibly imagine losing in a wind gust not produced by a tornado. Wind is tricky that way. Stay away, you wind spirits. Find someone else to torment.

Did I mention I hate wind?

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