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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weird Word Wednesday

noun  cav·al·cade  \ˌka-vəl-ˈkād, ˈka-vəl-ˌ\
Simple Definition of cavalcade
Popularity: Bottom 50% of words
: a line of riders, vehicles, etc., moving along in the same direction
: a series of related things

Full Definition of cavalcade
a :  a procession of riders or carriages
b :  a procession of vehicles or ships
:  a dramatic sequence or procession :  series

Examples of cavalcade
The cavalcade arrived at the hotel.
a cavalcade of antique cars
a cavalcade of natural disasters

Origin of cavalcade
French, ride on horseback, from Old Italian cavalcata, from cavalcare to go on horseback, from Late Latin caballicare, from Latin caballus horse; akin to Greek kaballeion horse, Middle Irish capall workhorse

First Known Use: 1644

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