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Monday, December 07, 2020

Awakening the Fae, Medieval Monday, #MedMonFall20, Excerpt # 12

Welcome to the final week of Medieval Monday, week 12. Thanks for following along. #MedMonFall20 Go to the Medieval Romance Lovers FB page for a full list of all the blogs. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1401384450126130/ 

Excerpt snippet #12 Dec 7

His eyes widened. It wasn’t disbelief I saw in his blue-gray depths. It was acceptance.

I let out a relieved sigh. He didn’t think I was crazy. Still, my head was spinning. Time travel? Maybe I was dreaming.

What do we have here?” a male asked from behind us.

I turned in King Roan’s arms.

Another man, one just as handsome as the king, entered, his eyes lighting up. “Who is this dark-skinned beauty?”

I had to bite my lip to make sure I wasn’t stuck in a dream.

The sharp sting burned my eyes.

Queridos dioses. I wasn’t dreaming.




(This is a standalone story in the Shadow-walkers series.)

*Erotic paranormal romance*


Time can’t separate them, but fate can.

Do you like time travel stories with a hot elven king and lots of twists? The women are the rock stars here, and they command the supernatural alpha males in their lives. Grab a copy now and enter the sexy, scary, and thrilling world of Shadow-walkers. This compelling romance will capture your soul.

She’s the most powerful Shadow-walker…and the most vulnerable.

Dina, the wild, strong-willed drummer for Hecate’s Fury and wearer of the Gateway rune, is thrust back in time where she meets a tall, handsome faery king. Beneath all the beauty of the aes sidhe city lurks a dark, menacing danger, and nothing is as it seems. She may be the only one to help them, but the cost to her is high.

Beware a kiss in moonlight.

Roan may be the only male to tame Dina’s restless spirit, the king’s cold nature both enticing and challenging. However, another covets her Shadow-walker and bruja powers. The rival’s obsession is relentless, his magic difficult to resist, even for a Shadow-walker.

Past and present collide as both males vie for her. Only the power of love and sacrifice can unite her with her true mate.


Buy links:

Buy links: Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YYNKSYZ

Amazon Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1691908231

Also available in KU


Listen to Hecate’s Fury music here: https://www.reverbnation.com/hecatesfury

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Author website: http://www.kelleyheckart.com





Cathy MacRae said...

Wow. Now she's really in trouble :-) Great snippet, Kelley. Wishing you a happy holiday season!

Jean M. Grant said...

You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy, though your heroine is quite the spitfire! Thanks for sharing all the snippets!

Judith Sterling said...

A great ending snippet, Kelley! Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

Barbara Bettis said...

I'd been wondering about reality too, with a couple of handsome but different looking men focusing on me :) This is a perfect end to the excerpt series, too. Anyone who hasn't read the book will need to see what happens next! Happy Holidays, Kelly.

Mary Morgan said...

Oh, love the element of another male "fae" entering the scene. Enjoyed all your snippets, Kelley! Happy Holidays!

Sherry Ewing said...

What a great snippet, Kelley! Wishing you a happy holiday season.

Jenna said...

Great way to end your snippets and keep us wanting more! Well done! Happy Holidays, Kelley!

Anastasia Abboud said...

Those male fae... sexy, sexy! Looking forward to reading more! Happy Holidays, Kelley!