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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Holly Jolly Blog Fest Week 2 with Regan Taylor

Welcome to our winter blog hop, The Holly Jolly Blog Fest. Each week, from December 2 to January 6, six authors answer two holiday related questions.
This week, my guest blogger is Regan Taylor who writes historical romance, everything from hunky cowboys to gallant knights in shining armour.

What is your favorite holiday food and why?

Someone is going to gag – fruitcake. Aside from the fact that I just like the taste, especially dark fruit cake and particularly the candied cherries, it reminds me of something or rather someone from my childhood. Close friends of our family moved from New York (where I grew up) to Washington and one year Aunt Audrey sent me some fruitcake. I was hooked. Maybe it’s more the memory of her than the cake itself but I do enjoy it.
You can have any person in history over for your holiday dinner. Who do you invite and what do you talk about?
Demetrius of Phaleron. I know I usually say Alexandre Dumas but recently I needed to redo my will and trust and the subject of my library came up. History tells us that Demetrius of Phaleron organized the great library at Alexandria and since my own is a pretty decent size (over 20,000 print and 5,000 ebooks at present)I’d like to talk to him about what led him to his work on the library and why he chose the books he chose.
Regan's Published Novels
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Unknown said...

Hi Regan! You stirred up another memory for me with the fruitcake. My great grandmother used to make suet pudding which is served a sweet coating called hard sauce. Sounds awful, but it is actually like a fruit cake and it tasted wonderful. I carried on the tradition for a few years, but it is a lot of work. Thanks for the memories.

Christine London said...

Fruitcake?? lol. There must be lots of folks that like it or they would not still be making it!

Fascinating choice in dinner guest. It would indeed be a priceless find to learn what every book was in the Alexandria library!

Happy Holidays Regan and Kelley!

Kelley Heckart said...

Hi Regan,

Fruitcake! LOL We were talking about fruitcake yesterday.

You have chosen an interesting guest for dinner.

It's great to have you on my blog.


pc said...

Not big on fruitcake but love chocolate covered cherries. Date and raisin nut cake is also yummy...I guess that could count as a fruitcake!

Gina said...

Hi Regan and Hi Kelley! What a fun post! ***20,000 BOOKS***WOW that is absolutely amazing!! Very interesting. Oh, so cool that you love Dumas, too -what a writer! Now for fruitcake...no exclamation points lol but it is a rich and complex creation. Now, I'm with Sharon about the hard sauce - oh, divine!

Great to meet you, Kelley, your blog is so cool. Looking forward to having you visit with me next week.

Hugs, Regina

Cindy A. Christiansen - author said...

Fruitcake. You can say that word at my house.(lol) My husband just loooovvves fruitcake. I make it for him every year. Enjoyed your interview. Good luck with your writing and happy holidays.

joye said...

Enjoyed reading the comments. If I could have anyone from historical times to dinner it would be Guttenberg. He invented printing of books. yeah, I love books and reading.