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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Winter Blog Hop Week 1 with Christine London

Welcome to our winter blog hop. Each week, from December 2 to January 6, six authors answer two holiday related questions.

This week, my guest blogger is Christine London who writes spicy romance and has a fascination with all things British.
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Thanks so much for hosting me Kelley. Some fun questions to chat about this week!

What is my favorite Christmas Novel?
The classic and perfect, timeless tale, Dickens A Christmas Carol. Wikipedia states that Dickens was : "generally regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian Period". Whether that be true or not, his tale of life lived as a miserly old man versus the joy of giving will stand for all time as one of the best pieces of storytelling.  How many times has this tale been made and remade by Hollywood? What child in the English speaking world does not have fond memories of one or the other rendition? Bursting with comedy, unique characterizations, and social criticisms it is to what most authors aspire- entertaining, uplifting, educating and inspiring their readers.

Favorite Holiday movie?
"Love Actually" So many wonderful charactizations, so well acted. Full of humor and social criticism. It is timeless too. Oh, can I mention more than one? The Holiday. *sigh* But then I am an Anglophile and a sucker for a story that, you guessed it--uplifts, entertains and inspires.

My favorite holiday tradition(s):
... start before Christmas. In the States we celebrate Thanksgiving about a month prior to the holiday madness. No presents expected or required, family and friends gather to commend the goodness of the previous year. In my family we go around the table as we hold our forks, poised over our freshly piled plates of deliciousness and say what has touched us, inspired us, educated us or uplifted us most that year. (Hmm..am I seeing a theme here? lol.) Time enough for the shopping, decorating and visiting to come, it is one day that always warms the heart.
I admired people who manage to maintain traditions year to year. It is often the simplest things that stick with a child throughout his lifetime. So many of my memories revolve around music, often choral music that is plentiful during the holidays. Perhaps as the universal language, it is music that makes every holiday special including tunes from around the world. I am a member of an eight person vocal pop/jazz group who performs every Christmas. Singing in front of hundreds of smiling appreciative listeners, faces glowing with delight, is magic.
When families grow to unwieldy numbers, it is fun to conduct a Chris Kringle gift exchange. In our extended family when we get together with all the cousins, aunties and uncles on Christmas eve, each one brings a simple inexpensive gift. Numbers are drawn and the picking begins. One may 'steal' a previously opened gift or chose an unopened gift from beneath the tree until all gifts are gone and/or any one gift has been 'stolen' three times (and is thus 'dead' and owned by the last stealer). It makes for lots of fun and laughter without burdening anyone with the monetary avalanche of buying gifts for all.
When the nieces and nephews were small, we put out graham crackers, a vast candy assortment and special white frosting that dried hard as a rock. Gingerbread houses were THE event of the season for these kids. They will and do remember constructing , display and eating them—always.

Nottinghill Christmas A Short Story in the 55 Portabello Road Series

Sara Wright’s holiday job at Nottinghill’s historic nineteenth century cinema should have been easy tuition money, but her handsome new boss Robert is a thorn in the side of every usher who breathes. She knows there must be more to a man who could bark orders one minute, save a child the next. Can she figure out the puzzle before he and his staff self-destruct?
You can find Christine London:
London Blog & Website: www.christinelondon.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Christine-London/71009389201?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChristineLondon
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/christinelondon/
Christine At Amazon Author Central :  https://www.amazon.com/author/christinelondon

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Christine London said...

Thanks for hosting me today, Kelley. These questions were fun to think about. Cheers!

Christine London said...

Thanks for hosting me this week, Kelley. Weren't these questions fun to think about?

In the meantime, I thought of so many more holiday films I adore. So of the old ones are just the best. Miracle On 34th Street and a wonderful Life come to mind. I mention both in my latest short story, A Nottinghill Christmas! Such memories from childhood both evoke, as I have seen them all my life every holiday.

Unknown said...

Hi Christine, Lovely comments on Thanksgiving. That is one of my favorites, too. We have the same type of gift 'trading' on Christmas day when my large family gathers. You're right, lots of fun and laughs. Thanks for sharing.

joye said...

Enjoyed reading the comments. I always watch Charlie Brown's Christmas movie. loved it as a kid and still do.

Kelley Heckart said...

I forgot about Charlie Brown Christmas and the scraggly tree that he picks. Of course, my favorite character is Snoopy.

pc said...

Loved this interview! For me, the holidays start a little earlier with Halloween and then it feels like it's non-stop planning and shopping...and not just for other people, unfortunately :)
I love watching Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Laura Sheehan said...

Ooh, I forgot about Miracle on 34th Street, too! I liked The Holiday, too, but Cameron Diaz's acting was hard to watch when she was juxtaposed to Kate Winslet, who I think is just delightful.

Laura Sheehan said...
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GladysMP said...

My favorite Christmas movie is Holiday Inn. The servicemen doing such a wonderful deed for their former general is heartwarming. The scenery and the singing are terrific. Will there ever be another singer as outstanding as Bing Crosby?

We have a copy of the movie A Christmas Carol and watch it sometime during the Holiday season. It, too, is great.