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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Book Review of Hellish by Tina Glasneck, Norse Mythology Romance


3 stars Compelling twist, worthy plot, but something was missing

Helena (Hel) has been cursed to remain on Earth until she finds true love. Harley is a college student trying to find himself. The mysterious, leather-clad Helena fascinates him, and he is caught up in an unbelievable self-journey.

I liked both Helena and Harley, but I didn’t feel the attraction, that magical spark, between them. Their romance fell flat for me.

I was hoping for more from this author. The cover is great, I loved the title, the blurb was intriguing, and I love Norse mythology, but I was disappointed. The story seemed rushed, and I didn’t feel the love or attraction between the characters, but I liked the plot. It was a good story, but it could have been better.


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