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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Book Review of Only One Man Will Do by Fiona McGier, Erotica Romance


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3.5 stars. A wild, orgasmic Harley ride with heart and lots of whiskey and vodka.

The fiery, independent Alexandra meets her match in the hunky, stoic Russia Dmitri. This book is part of a series, but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. This is a separate erotica/romance between these two characters.

Alexandra is a brilliant businesswoman by day and wild biker queen on the weekend. Dmitri is hired to rein her in but finds himself drawn to the brazen red-haired female.

This is more than just an erotica story. Alex comes to terms with her need to never be controlled by a man, something that haunts her after her father left her mother. She puts on a tough act, and Dmitri refuses to put up with her screwing around, a character trait I liked about him.

At times Alex came off a little too intense and annoying with her “I am a woman, and I can screw any man I want” attitude, but I understood why she acted this way.

I enjoyed this story. I love strong female leads. However, I wanted to see more depth. The plot was predictable and considering Alexander’s strong stance against being tied down to one man, she seemed to give in too quickly to Dmitri. I expected her to fight this more. Dmitri was still a mystery to me at the end, and I wanted to know more about his KGB past. Also, I wanted to know more about this world of corporate power and biker gangs led by a female. Of course, these are my expectations. Most erotica fans will probably be satisfied with all the hot sex, and the author did not disappoint in that area. Overall, this was a good story.





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Fiona McGier said...

Thanks for such a comprehensive, good review. It's so refreshing to actually get a review from a reader who won a free book! And yes, Alexandra is kind of annoying a lot--but when you learn her back-story, it helps you to understand her. I don't think even she will ever learn about Dmitri's past. He prefers to live in the "now." Good advice for someone who has what he probably does on his conscience. LOL.