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Friday, February 13, 2015

Favorite Friday: Favorite past TV show


Storyline description on IMDb:

Taken from the film, Highlander, Duncan MacLeod, clansman of Connor in the film also finds he is being stalked by not only other immortals trying to kill him before the time of the gathering, but also a secret society of mortals who call themselves 'The Watchers' and also seem intent on killing him but "The Watchers" observe and record and never interfere. Duncan and the other immortals can only be killed by decapitation and often live for centuries. Written by John Vogel <jlvogel@comcast.net>

I love this show and have the complete series DVD set. Strangely, my husband turned me on to this show because he knew I would like it. And he was right. Duncan MacLeod is the type of hero I love. He’s not an alpha male, he has morals and he respects women. A lot of the episodes deal with moral issues like: when is it okay to kill someone? It’s this kind of depth that drew me in. But hunky, long-haired Adrian Paul also kept my attention. Another thing I loved about this series was a lot of the guest stars were rock stars like Roger Daltrey and Joan Jett. Mr. Daltrey played an immortal friend of MacCleod and some of the funniest and saddest episodes involved his character. The awesome Ms. Jett played a bad-ass immortal that challenged MacLeod. Highly recommended for fantasy fans, especially if you like hot immortal Scottish heroes with long swords.



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