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Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday Musings: Snow in Lake Havasu, AZ and using weather in fiction

We had snow in Lake Havasu, AZ for the first time in 30 years on New Year’s Eve. It was awesome for me. I haven’t been in snow in years. I ran around filled with excitement taking pictures. From an artistic point of view, it was beautiful, but I guess if you have to drive in it, it’s not much fun.


Just about everyone in my desert city posted about the snowfall that was only about an inch or two. My Midwest and East Coast family and friends made fun of us for sure.



But it made me think of how I use weird weather patterns in some of my stories to add some drama to an otherwise drab scene or to force characters together. I’ve had an unusual, early season blizzard that portended a change brought on by an ancient curse in Winter’s Requiem, the third book in my Dark Goddess trilogy. In Beltaine’s Song, the second book in this trilogy, I had a sudden, dramatic thunderstorm that made everyone run for cover and brought characters together that wouldn’t normally be with each other. This technique worked to move the plot forward and add some twists. And in Daughter of Night, a sudden storm brings my hero and heroine together in the stables where they share a tender moment. The was the defining moment that brought them together. I used storms in Of Water and Dragons and Ravenwolf to make the mood dark and frightening.



To all the other writers out there: Have you used weather as a writing tool?

Readers: Is there a favorite weather scene in a book you read?


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