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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Awakening: A sexy, thrilling ghost story with a hot Scot #MRWRSteam

Welcome to the first MFRW Steamy blog hop.


Sometimes, the end is really the beginning.

After destroying her successful music career, the close friendship with her bandmates, and her marriage, author Kaitlyn Storm, aka Kate Wolf, former bassist for the all-female rock band Hecate’s Fury, is given a second chance. She receives an offer to turn her book series into three movies, but her troubled rock-star past continues to haunt her.

She never expected to find love or a way back.

When she is trapped in a haunted cabin during a snowstorm with Kane Devlin, the hot Scottish movie star playing her hero, their rising passion for one another ignites. What they awakened will change their lives, but before she can move on, Kate must let go of the guilt and shame keeping her from claiming her shared destiny. For she may not know it yet, but she and her bandmates are chosen.

“Suspenseful, passionate, and sexy.”

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H1P9242

(Rated R)

After I looped the belt around my waist, I adjusted the fitted tunic dress, shortened for a warrior. It fit snug around my chest and showed off my cleavage. My bare legs peeked out from beneath the thigh-length edge as I leaned against bed and tugged on tall brown suede boots. I straightened and glanced at Kane.

Standing in front of me, he was wearing snug, patterned Irish trews, or leggings, a belted tunic, and tall brown suede boots. With his long hair and short beard, he looked every bit like an Irish king. Holy crap, why couldn’t that be the fashion now?

“I think I’m going to come right now,” I said.

He chuckled, eyeing my outfit. A huge bulge tented the front of his leggings. “Me too.”

Shivers rippled through my sex. Hands on my hips, I pushed my chest out and tilted my head, peering up at him. “Come hither, my vigorous wolf lord, and rut me.”

His eyes smoldering with desire, he grabbed me and pulled me into him, kissing me with tender yet forceful caresses. His erection prodded my belly.

“My spear is ready for you, my sweetling.” He spoke in a thick Irish brogue.

My knees went weak. I’d never been so turned on. Gotta love actors.

He slipped his fingers under my skirt. No underwear came with this costume. Very convenient.

“Impale me with your thick spear, my lord. I’m at your mercy to do as you wish.”

He growled, picking me up and laying me down on the bed.

With my best seductive gaze, I slowly glided my skirt up over my thighs and drew my legs up, spreading them wide. I crooked my finger, beckoning him. “Come hither, my vigorous lord, I’m wet and ready for you.”

Quickly, he untied his leggings, releasing his throbbing erection, his handsome face drawn into an intense, fierce expression like the formidable warrior king he portrayed.

Excited breaths swelled my chest and my pussy quivered at the thought of this powerful male dominating me. “Your spear is so big, my lord.”

“Aye, to pleasure you, lass.” He grasped his hard thickness and knelt between my legs, his impassioned stare taking in my heaving, half-exposed breasts and my uncovered sex.

“And pleasure me you shall, my virile lord,” I moaned as he penetrated me, his velvety, rigid length gliding against my walls.

His handsome features strained in the throes of passion, he thrusted deep, lighting every one of my nerve-endings on fire. My rune tattoo tingled and spread the powerful, blissful sensation. The sense that he was mine and I was his engulfed me. We were one soul. His eyes widened. He’d felt it, too.

“Bloody hell, you feel perfect, my sweetling,” he grunted. Kane pressed his hands down on the bed on either side of me, and he leaned over, his powerful body pushing my knees to my chest, increasing the penetration to my G-spot. Mere inches from mine, his eyes glistened with desire and adoration. “I love you, Katie, so damn much.”

“I love you, too, Kane,” I moaned as exhilarating heat engulfed me, the pressure building. While I stroked his muscular thighs, I bucked my hips up against his body, my clit rubbing against his pubis with each forceful thrust. We came together, our bodies rocking and shuddering.

“That was awesome,” I panted.

“I agree.” He eased back, stroking my thighs as I lowered them.


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Lisabet Sarai said...

The period dialogue is fun, Kelley. And the sex is hot!

Gale Stanley said...

Great excerpt!

JL Peridot said...

I love it when sexy mixes with fun and humour. Great excerpt, Kelley!

Daryl Devoré said...

She said it - that was awesome.