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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Sometimes the end is really the beginning. Awakening: A Shadow-walkers supernatural romance #MFRWHooks

Sometimes, the end is really the beginning.

After destroying her successful music career, the close friendship with her bandmates, and her marriage, author Kaitlyn Storm, aka Kate Wolf, former bassist for the all-female rock band Hecate’s Fury, is given a second chance. She receives an offer to turn her book series into three movies, but her troubled rock-star past continues to haunt her.

She never expected to find love or a way back.

When she is trapped in a haunted cabin during a snowstorm with Kane Devlin, the hot Scottish movie star playing her hero, their rising passion for one another ignites. What they awakened will change their lives, but before she can move on, Kate must let go of the guilt and shame keeping her from claiming her shared destiny. For she may not know it yet, but she and her bandmates are chosen.

“Suspenseful, passionate, and sexy.”


Buy links: 

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H1P9242

Amazon Paperback: https://www.amazon.com/dp/172574287X



I didn’t get any more texts from Kane that night, but he was probably busy or sleeping, since there was an eight-hour time difference. Too excited about his earlier text, I could hardly sleep.

First thing in the morning, I texted Britany. Hey, Brit. Kane said to check with you. Said he had a surprise for me. Going nuts here.

It’s a plane ticket to Ireland. GF, he’s so in love with you.

Stunned, I gaped at her message. He was sending for me, which meant he wanted to go public with our relationship.

I had to be sure so I texted him. Wow. What a surprise. Are you sure you are ready? I am if you are.


I went about my Sunday, coordinating a schedule of what I needed done with my new P.A. Apparently, P.A.s did whatever you wanted them to do, within reason of course. Well, it had to be legal anyway.

Still nothing from Kane. Too jacked up to work, I picked up my bass and played along to some songs. Someone banged on my door. I sighed, paused my music file on my laptop, set my bass down and turned off my amp. Probably an angry neighbor coming to complain about the loud noise. More frantic raps reverberated.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.” Geez. I opened the door.

Britany stood there, crying. “Where the hell have you been? I’ve been trying to call you.”

My chest tightened. “Here. I was playing my bass. I didn’t hear my phone. What’s wrong? Come inside.” I moved aside and shut the door behind her.

“It’s Kane. There was an accident on the set. He was hurt during a fight scene. It’s serious, Kaitlyn.”


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Monday, July 13, 2020

Medieval Monday: White Rose of Avalon Final Excerpt #medmonspring20

Welcome to the final day of Medieval Monday. This snippet is the ending to my excerpt from White Rose of Avalon.

Do you like captivating, passionate historical fantasy featuring King Arthur, Gwenhwyfar, Merlin, Nimue, Morgaine, and Lancelot? Inspired by The Mists of Avalon, this sensual retelling of the Arthurian romances brings these legendary characters to life.
Destiny cannot be altered.
With Britannia falling to the Saxon hordes, Morgaine, Queen of the Faeries, has no choice but to make a pact with the Christian monks. She promises to give them a High King who will unite the Britons against the Saxons if he takes a queen from the faery realm. Morgaine hopes this will restore the Goddess faith and return Avalon to its rightful place. She sends Lancelot to guard the future High King, but when a love potion falls into the wrong hands, all seems lost.
Gwenhwyfar is the only hope for the future, but betrayal, revenge, and forbidden love surround her, all of which could send both Britannia and Avalon into ruins.

Buy links:

Also available in KU
Excerpt snippet #11-Final

The familiar, deep masculine voice sent pleasant shivers throughout her body. She opened her eyes. “Lancelot!”
He was not wearing his armor or carrying his weapons. Warmth bloomed inside. That meant he was staying at least for the night.
He plopped down next to her and stroked her long black hair. “I have missed you so.”

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Passion and betrayal in ancient Greece, The Bear Goddess #MFRWsteam

Welcome to the MFRW steamy blog hop. Enjoy!

 The Bear Goddess: Book 1: The Arcadia Series by [Kelley Heckart, Nicole Zoltack]

Do you like Greek myths with a twist?

Callisto is the nymph who betrayed Artemis. This is her story.

Callisto, the daughter of the great Arcadian King Lycaon and the nymph Maia, has taken a sacred vow of purity, forsaking all others for Artemis, and attains the revered position of Bear Goddess among the nymphs. When she meets Kasin, a follower of Zeus and her sworn enemy, her life is shattered.

Kasin is a centaur prince and one of few who can take human shape. Despite having sworn allegiance to Zeus, he saves the life of one of Artemis’s nymphs. He is torn between his love for Callisto and his duty to his people and his god.

When their secret, forbidden connection is exposed, and they make their escape, danger and betrayal follow Kasin and Callisto. To survive, they must evade a god obsessed with having Callisto for himself, as well as others who also want to keep them apart. With a devastating war looming between the centaurs and the nymphs, Callisto must make a difficult choice. To prevent bloodshed and to save an innocent life, she must die.

Excerpt (Rated R)

Despite looking frightened at first, she had given her consent and now she willingly arched her hips to meet Kasin’s thrusts and drive him deeper. Her tightness engulfed him in a warm, soft, heaven-like place. She was like a precious stone only just discovered and polished to a beautiful sheen, untouched by any other man. Her clean, floral scent spoke of her purity and drove his desire.

He stopped himself from ravishing her. He didn’t want to hurt or frighten her, but she surprised him by writhing and capturing him deeper inside of her. Her nails raked against his back in fierce abandon and he let out a satisfying groan. Smiling, he enjoyed the pleasant shiver her boldness produced. She was not as delicate as a flower. In the throes of coupling, she possessed the fierceness of a centauride along with the tenderness he craved in a mate.

Letting go of his hesitation, he took her with passion and force, surrendering to the throes of lovemaking. He delighted in taking her innocence, producing in him a sense of power, and strangely, he had a twinge of affection for her because she trusted him with something so precious to her.

Her body shuddered in the final throes of rutting, her quivers gently milking him, releasing his pent-up lust. Twin tremors racked their bodies. His groans and her strangled cries mingled as one unbridled, passionate sound.

He held her close even after the final shudder had subsided. Gods, he had never experienced such lovemaking. And he had never bedded a virgin. The sense that she belonged to him tightened around him and wouldn’t let go.

Her flushed look of passion turned into a troubled look. “What have I done?” She eased out from under him. “I do not know what kind of enchantment came over me.”

“Do you regret our coupling because I worship Zeus?” He tried to keep the anger out of his voice.

“No.” She sat with her knees drawn up to her chest. “I have taken a vow to serve only Artemis.”

“You seemed to enjoy what I was doing to you.” He savored her scent lingering on his skin, an intoxicating scent that tightened around his loins like an alluring ribbon of mist. He wanted more of her, but he hesitated to reveal his true feelings for her until he knew of her feelings.

“It does not matter. It cannot happen again.”

He shook his head. “How can you deny yourself pleasure?”

“Because the penalty for breaking my vow is death.” Tears glistened in her eyes.

He sat up. Part of him felt some guilt for being party to her disgrace.

“I am no longer worthy of my goddess.” She lowered her head.

He cupped her chin in his hand, compelled to take the risk and reveal a small part of his feelings. “You are worthy to me.” Gazing at her, he conveyed the warmth in his heart with his eyes.


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or http://mfrwsteam.blogspot.com


Kelley Heckart

Otherworldly tales steeped in myth, magic & romance.









Monday, July 06, 2020

Medieval Monday: Night of the Owl by Judith Sterling

Welcome to Medieval Monday. This week's snippet is from Night of the Owl by Judith Sterling. Enjoy!

True love transcends time.

PhD student Ardyth Nightshade has renounced men and pursues her twentieth-century career with single-minded focus. When fate whisks her to medieval England, she meets her match in a man whose passions mirror her own. Can she sacrifice ambition for a love she never sought?
Hugh, Lord Seacrest confounds all who know him. He refuses to marry without a meeting of minds and hearts, and no lady has even approached his ideal…until Ardyth. But she's an odd one, with unique skills, shocking habits, and total conviction she needs no man. She also harbors secrets, and in the midst of rumors, plots, and murder, trust is fragile.
A woman outside of her time. A man ahead of his. They must take a leap of faith to forge a bond that will shape history.

Buy links:

Snippet #10

He dropped the blade of grass and sat up. “Now you must tell me…how did you know to look for me in the cave last night?”
She bit her luscious lower lip, then gave him a curt nod, as if she’d reached a decision. “Very well, I’ll tell you. Bertram told us you mentioned the granary after reading the note, so we went thither. The owl you and I saw earlier was still there. I don’t know what made me do it, but I asked him for help. And then, as I stared into his eyes, I got an answer. ʼTwas as if he planted the words in my mind: ‘the sea cave…go by way of the secret passage.’”
“You actually heard a voice?”
“ʼTis woodness, I know, but I swear to you, I heard a male voice. Now that I think of it, it almost sounded like…no. That’s impossible.”

Follow along next week on Judith’s blog: https://judithmarshallauthor.com/blog/

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Book Review: NIGHTSHIFTER: A Werewolf Thriller #bookreviews

I gave this five stars on Amazon. 

NIGHTSHIFTER: A Werewolf Thriller (Book 1 of 5) by [L.E. Horn]

A thrilling ride.

This story by L.E. Horn kept my attention from the first page and had me sitting on the edge of my seat with its twists and turns.  Written in first person POV, the writing style was engaging. I loved the main character, Liam,  a veterinarian who becomes immersed in the world of werewolves. Danger lurks in this new world Liam has stumbled upon, but I don't want to give away any spoilers. I love how the author went into believable detail about how werewolves (wulfan) transform. There was also some romance and sexual tension that I liked in this story. I found a new favorite author. Highly recommended if you like thrilling werewolf stories.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Medieval Monday: Love Will Find You: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book Four) By Sherry Ewing

Welcome to Medieval Monday. This week's snippet is from Love Will Find You: The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time (Book 4) by Sherry Ewing. Enjoy!


Sometimes a moment is all we have…

Ella Fitzpatrick is a woman with a secret. As she comes and goes from Berwyck Castle, seeking refuge within its gates, she yearns to be reunited with the one for whom she crossed time from the twenty-first century. She has lived another lifetime in the twelfth century waiting for the date of their reunion and it is almost upon her. But how could she have known the man she believes she loves is not the person she needs?

Killian of Clan MacLaren has been infatuated with Ella for many a year but has guarded his heart, knowing her affection lies with another. When Ella must flee Berwyck, Killian vows to escort her to her encounter with destiny. But passion flares between them and there is no doubt the bond they have is far greater than either of them expected.

Their time together is running out. Killian has a decision to make that might give him and Ella a future together. If you could change someone’s past, would you seize the moment?

Buy Links:

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/3crq6pU

Week 9 Excerpt

He gave a nod and continued to steer his horse towards the trees. Relief flooded through Ella. She had the distinct feeling she would not be able to handle a deep conversation with Killian right now. Each time he gazed upon her, her heart leapt almost as though they could see into each other’s souls. Such a revelation was not comforting when Ella continued to try to remind herself her heart belonged to another. Or did it? She rubbed at her eyes feeling the beginnings of a migraine.

They rode deeper into the forest longer than Ella would hope but finally Killian pulled on the reins, halting the animal beneath them. Night had now fallen, but Ella was used to the dark, for she had concealed herself for many a year by using little to no light. She had not survived as long as she had by not adjusting to her surroundings and her need to remain hidden, not only from her son, but from those who roamed the countryside and would physically harm her if they came upon her.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Awakening: A sexy, thrilling ghost story with a hot Scot #MRWRSteam

Welcome to the first MFRW Steamy blog hop.


Sometimes, the end is really the beginning.

After destroying her successful music career, the close friendship with her bandmates, and her marriage, author Kaitlyn Storm, aka Kate Wolf, former bassist for the all-female rock band Hecate’s Fury, is given a second chance. She receives an offer to turn her book series into three movies, but her troubled rock-star past continues to haunt her.

She never expected to find love or a way back.

When she is trapped in a haunted cabin during a snowstorm with Kane Devlin, the hot Scottish movie star playing her hero, their rising passion for one another ignites. What they awakened will change their lives, but before she can move on, Kate must let go of the guilt and shame keeping her from claiming her shared destiny. For she may not know it yet, but she and her bandmates are chosen.

“Suspenseful, passionate, and sexy.”

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H1P9242

(Rated R)

After I looped the belt around my waist, I adjusted the fitted tunic dress, shortened for a warrior. It fit snug around my chest and showed off my cleavage. My bare legs peeked out from beneath the thigh-length edge as I leaned against bed and tugged on tall brown suede boots. I straightened and glanced at Kane.

Standing in front of me, he was wearing snug, patterned Irish trews, or leggings, a belted tunic, and tall brown suede boots. With his long hair and short beard, he looked every bit like an Irish king. Holy crap, why couldn’t that be the fashion now?

“I think I’m going to come right now,” I said.

He chuckled, eyeing my outfit. A huge bulge tented the front of his leggings. “Me too.”

Shivers rippled through my sex. Hands on my hips, I pushed my chest out and tilted my head, peering up at him. “Come hither, my vigorous wolf lord, and rut me.”

His eyes smoldering with desire, he grabbed me and pulled me into him, kissing me with tender yet forceful caresses. His erection prodded my belly.

“My spear is ready for you, my sweetling.” He spoke in a thick Irish brogue.

My knees went weak. I’d never been so turned on. Gotta love actors.

He slipped his fingers under my skirt. No underwear came with this costume. Very convenient.

“Impale me with your thick spear, my lord. I’m at your mercy to do as you wish.”

He growled, picking me up and laying me down on the bed.

With my best seductive gaze, I slowly glided my skirt up over my thighs and drew my legs up, spreading them wide. I crooked my finger, beckoning him. “Come hither, my vigorous lord, I’m wet and ready for you.”

Quickly, he untied his leggings, releasing his throbbing erection, his handsome face drawn into an intense, fierce expression like the formidable warrior king he portrayed.

Excited breaths swelled my chest and my pussy quivered at the thought of this powerful male dominating me. “Your spear is so big, my lord.”

“Aye, to pleasure you, lass.” He grasped his hard thickness and knelt between my legs, his impassioned stare taking in my heaving, half-exposed breasts and my uncovered sex.

“And pleasure me you shall, my virile lord,” I moaned as he penetrated me, his velvety, rigid length gliding against my walls.

His handsome features strained in the throes of passion, he thrusted deep, lighting every one of my nerve-endings on fire. My rune tattoo tingled and spread the powerful, blissful sensation. The sense that he was mine and I was his engulfed me. We were one soul. His eyes widened. He’d felt it, too.

“Bloody hell, you feel perfect, my sweetling,” he grunted. Kane pressed his hands down on the bed on either side of me, and he leaned over, his powerful body pushing my knees to my chest, increasing the penetration to my G-spot. Mere inches from mine, his eyes glistened with desire and adoration. “I love you, Katie, so damn much.”

“I love you, too, Kane,” I moaned as exhilarating heat engulfed me, the pressure building. While I stroked his muscular thighs, I bucked my hips up against his body, my clit rubbing against his pubis with each forceful thrust. We came together, our bodies rocking and shuddering.

“That was awesome,” I panted.

“I agree.” He eased back, stroking my thighs as I lowered them.


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Kelley Heckart

Otherworldly tales steeped in myth, magic & romance.







Monday, June 22, 2020

Medieval Monday: A Pirate's Jewel by Ruth A. Casie

Welcome to Medieval Monday. Today's snippet comes from A Pirate's Jewel by Ruth A. Casie. Enjoy! Follow along each Monday using this hashtag #medmonspring20.

Deception and family honor are at stake – so is her heart.
Wesley Reynolds will do anything to avenge his family’s banishment from Dundhragon Castle even throw in with the notorious pirate, MacAlpin. His plan, ruin Lord Ewan’s trading network. He has a more devious plan for his father’s ‘best friend,’ the man who abandoned them at the eleventh hour. He’ll ruin the man’s most precious jewel, his daughter Darla. Wesley’s so close to ruining the trade network and succeeding he can almost taste it, but revenge is not nearly as sweet as Darla’s kisses.
Darla Maxwell, beloved by her parents has no prospects of marriage. Her father and Lord Ewan search to find her the right husband. Darla’s special gifts are frightening to many. She has visions that often come true. The murky image of a man haunts her, she’s sure it’s Lord Ewan’s soon-to-be son-in-law, but the vision morphs when she meets Wesley. The meaning couldn’t be any clearer to her, her destiny lies with Wesley.
When revelations surface indicating Wesley has been deceived and his revenge misplaced. Will he find the truth of what really happened to his family in time to stop the pirates? Will Darla ever forgive him? Will he ever forgive himself?

Ruth A. Casie’s vivid descriptions place you right in the story. It is a wonderful read I highly recommend.” ~ Deb

$2.99 or Kindle Unlimited
Buy Link:

June 22 - Excerpt 8

The wind roared down the deck, sprays of water erupted from the prow as the ship bounced and rolled in the sea. Nothing hindered the man’s grip. Finally, she raised her head, but the shroud of fog blanketing the ship made it difficult to see.
Darla strained and made out dark wet hair plastered to his face. The ship shifted beneath her feet. Unsteady, he held her close, she clung to him. She didn’t have to see clearly to know who held her.

Did you miss excerpt seven? Find it on Ashley’s blog https://www.ashleyyorkauthor.com/blog
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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Book Review: Warlord by Miriam Newman

Warlord by [Miriam Newman]

I gave this 5 stars on Amazon. Beautifully written and compelling

I have been a fan of Ms. Newman's stories for a while, and this one doesn't disappoint. Ganina has been sold by her warlord father to a man old enough to be her grandfather and when he dies, his other wives want to kill the younger, prettier wife. Senec, son of the deceased chieftain, claims her as his. I felt for Ganina because she never gets to make her own choices, but she learns to be a survivor, so she isn't weak. Senec is a complicated character. He is a warlord and doesn't show emotions, but his actions speak for him. Ms. Newman's words are magical, and her storytelling is captivating. Highly recommended!

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Book Review: The Burnt Watcher--Suspense, Horror, Fantasy, Magic

The Burnt Watcher (The Fear Book 1) by [Keith Healing]

I gave it 5 stars on Amazon/Thought-provoking and suspenseful.

Five hundred years ago the old world burned and Fear rose from the ashes and Glass. Master Grey is a Watcher, chosen to seek out and fight the Fear. He is retired now but is called back to investigate strange happenings in a small village in the west of England. The story keeps a good pace that kept my attention with suspense and conflict. We gradually learn more about Master Grey and how his life as a Watcher ended in tragedy. When he comes out of retirement, he is met with suspicion since most of those in the village don't believe there is any danger. I liked the world the author created and how the Fear is an entity seeking something, possibly vengeance or power. Maybe both. There is also a strong main female character who I liked a lot. If you like a bit of suspense, horror, fantasy, and magic, then this is for you.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Medieval Monday: The Prince’s Highland Bride by Cathy MacRae

Welcome to Medieval Monday. This week's snippet is from The Prince's Highland Bride by Cathy MacRae. Enjoy!


Phillipe de Poitiers, a prince of Antioch, finds himself a breath away from wrongful execution. Risking everything, he leaves behind his crown, his family, his country—and a body sworn to be his by the Bishop, himself.

Free of court intrigue and drawn to Scotland by memories of a woman who once possessed his heart, Phillipe sells his sword to pay for his travels and accepts the task of guarding the daughter of Laird MacLaren.

When Maggie MacLaren’s abusive marriage fails, she wants nothing more than to retire to her childhood home on the banks of Loch Lomond. Trouble follows her, putting her clan in danger, and she travels to the Isle of Hola, placing her safety in the hands of a mysterious mercenary with a haunted smile and a kind heart.

As Maggie and Phillipe struggle with their pasts, love blooms. But when a pirate’s treasure offers a seductive lure, will it free them—or prove the downfall of all they hold dear?


Free of court intrigue, Phillipe seeks a new start in life. Falling in love was not in his plans. Until he met Maggie MacLaren.

Buy links:

Preorder through May 15 for only 99 cents!

Lead line:
Nature can provide beauty and inspiration. It can also bring danger. Maggie’s island is a place of solace and great beauty, but it is also completely without defenses, something Phillipe must correct before he completes his task of protecting the woman he has come to love—and says good-bye to her forever.

Excerpt 7

“Thank ye. Ye have put a great deal of thought into this. ’Tis clear we are in need of a way to protect ourselves. I willnae keep running. This will be my home.”
Phillipe’s muscles relaxed. His eyes softened. “I did not think ye would run. That would not be the woman I have come to know.”
Maggie’s lips curved. “Your suggestions are sound ones. But I have nae means to pay for supplies. I dinnae know what the income from the cyser will be. I doubt there is surplus wool from the sheep to sell. There are fewer than ten men on the isle. Each seems to have his own responsibility. I doubt they could spend much time rebuilding the abbey. I would need to hire workers.”

Join me next week on Barbara Bettis’ blog: http://barbarabettis.blogspot.co.uk

Monday, June 08, 2020

Medieval Monday: Mask of the Highlander ~ A Gods of the Highlands Prequel (2nd Edition)

Welcome to Medieval Monday. Today's snippet comes from Mask of the Highlander by Bambi Lynn. Enjoy! Keep following along each Monday to catch the the rest of the excerpts with this hashtag 


Forced to marry to avoid war between clans, Kenna Cleary endured three days of her new husband's painful brutality, unaware of his demon heritage. Leaving her for dead, he rode off to battle the English. In the five years of his absence, she bore him a daughter, increased his holdings, and gained the love and respect of his people. Now he's home. Must she and the clan learn to endure his cruelty once more?

Can an ancient Celtic god find peace in the mortal world?

The Laird of Domhnul has returned from war a changed man—moreso than his wife can possibly know. Now the warrior faces a new battle, one for his wife's heart, and his peoples' trust. He must walk the knife's edge of deception and danger, all while learning to manage the supernatural power flaring inside him and discovering a heritage he never imagined.

But when his father embroils both them in a deadly plot, can the couple find a way to prevent war between their clans?


June 8 excerpt:
Startled, Demona jumped to her feet. “Arduinna. You are early.”

Arduinna stopped next to her. “Shall I leave and return at a more appropriate time?” She smirked down at the god lying on the ground. Definitely unconscious. “What have you done to him?”
One side of Demona’s luscious mouth quirked up as she looked down at him. She sighed. “Everything.” She turned and gave Arduinna a quick assessment, head to toe. “You look good, Arduinna. Even if you are crawling with fairies.” She scrunched up her delicate nose.
Arduinna knelt and brushed away the black hair that had fallen across the god’s forehead. She pulled in a sharp breath. She had never seen anyone more handsome, god nor man.

Follow along for the next installment on Jenna's blog next Mondayhttp://jennajaxon.wordpress.com

Monday, June 01, 2020

Medieval Monday: To Weave a Highland Tapestry by Mary Morgan

Medieval Monday: To Weave a Highland Tapestry by Mary MorganWelcome to Medieval Monday. This week's snippet is from To Weave a Highland Tapestry by Mary Morgan. Enjoy!

Do they dare unravel the past for a future of love?

Patrick MacFhearguis, hardened by battles won and lost, desires what he can never have—peace within his heart and soul.  Yet, the ever-meddling Fae weave a new journey for him to conquer—a task this highlander is determined to resist.
When skilled weaver, Gwen Hywel, is commissioned to create a tapestry for the MacFhearguis clan, she embraces the assignment. While seeking out ideas, she finds herself clutching the one thread that can alter the tapestry of her life and heart.
A man conflicted by past deeds. A woman with no family of her own. Is it possible for love to unravel an ancient past, in order to claim two badly scarred hearts? Or will the light of hope be doused forever?

Buy Links:

Excerpt #5

“Your companion is called Cuchulainn, and there are many ghosts of the past that walk the land in the Great Glen.”

She observed the animal, now in a sitting position. “He’s named after the great leader of the Red Branch?”

“Aye. A proud, fierce name for this champion. He has protected many within Urquhart. Do not let him fool ye with his missing leg. He is faster than others with four.”

She glanced sideways at the man. Unsure of what to say, she just remained fixed on his features. So many questions burned inside her, but he must already think her mad with her earlier question about the year. She thought it best not to bring up the subject again.

Follow along next week on Jenna’s blog here: https://jennajaxon.wordpress.com/

Monday, May 25, 2020

Medieval Monday: Time Enough to Love by Jenna Jaxon

Welcome to Medieval Monday. This week's snippet comes from Time Enough to Love by Jenna Jaxon. Enjoy! Don't forget to keep following along each Monday with this hashtag #medmonspring20.


When Lady Alyse de Courcy is betrothed to Sir Geoffrey Longford, she has no choice but to make the best of a bad bargain. The hulking knight is far from her ideal man, and although he does possess some wit and charm, he is no match for the sinfully sensual man she secretly admires, Thomas, Earl of Braeton, her betrothed’s best friend.

From the first, Sir Geoffrey finds himself smitten by Lady Alyse, and, despite her infatuation with his friend, vows to win her love. When Geoffrey puts his mind to wooing Alyse, he is delighted to find her succumbing to his seduction. But when cruel circumstances separate them, Geoffrey must watch helplessly as Thomas steps in to protect Alyse—and falls in love with her himself.

As the three courtiers accompany Princess Joanna to her wedding in Spain, they run headlong into the Black Plague. With her world plunged into chaos, Alyse struggles with her feelings for both the men she loves. But which love will survive?

Buy Link: 

May 25 Excerpt:

He froze then bolted from the pallet. “You lie to protect him.”
She sat up. “Had I chosen to lie, Geoffrey, I would simply have said I misspoke…that I supposed loving someone under the stars was unforgettable. No, the truth is that I made Thomas take me up on deck as part of a wager. Once there, I wanted more so I asked him to take me under the stars. He did not want to do it, but I persuaded him.”
Geoffrey frowned and cocked his head. “In God’s name, why? Did you not know the consequences if you were caught?”

For another gripping excerpt, follow me next week to Judith Sterling’s blog.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Medieval Monday: Eyes of the Seer (Book two in the Warrior Kings series) by Ashley York

Welcome to Medieval Monday. This week's snippet is from Eyes of the Seer by Ashley York. Enjoy!

He wishes to prove himself...

Marcán of Clonascra bears the bloodline of Brian Boru and his prowess as a warrior has earned him great respect from everyone but Astrid, the woman who holds his heart. Between her mother's condemning him as a pagan Seer and Astrid's total disinterest, he finds solace as the king's protector and confidant.

She is desperate to escape...

Astrid is more than ready to wed but her brother, the king, is in no hurry to see her married, so she decides to see to her own match-making. The man she approaches quickly reveals his lack of honor, but her overbearing mother pushes her to wed him anyway. When Astrid discovers Marcán's love for her, will it be too late to have the happiness she'd always dreamed of?

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Excerpt #3

“I am readying a bath for ye.” She swallowed right before she reached a hand out to him. “Come.”
She couldn’t be sure, but she sensed there was some inner struggle.
Don’t give up on me now!
When she moved closer, he finally closed the distance to her and accepted her hand. Heat shot up her arm, warming her innards. His palm was rough and she realized she’d never actually touched his hand before. It was quite large, making her hand seem as small as a child’s.

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Medieval Monday: A Winter Knight Knights of Destiny Series By Barbara Bettis

Welcome to Medieval Monday. This week's snippet comes from A Winter Knight (Knights of Destiny Series) by Barbara Bettis. Enjoy!

Log Line: He’s running from his past; she’s running from her future. But on a snowy winter night, they find each other and the surprising gift of love.


Sir Nicholas has given up on marriage. These days he’s content to captain his friend’s troops and avoid entanglements—until one winter night when he rescues a half-frozen woman from a snowstorm. Her irrepressible spirit and kindness to others reminds him that all ladies aren’t like his former intended, who wed his brother while Nick was on crusade. But he can’t open his heart to Lady Clare. She’s bound to another, and Nick won’t forfeit his honor. Even if she were free, he has nothing to offer but love, and this lady deserves everything.

Lady Clare’s dying grandfather has arranged her betrothal, but the arrival of the man she’s to wed sends her fleeing into a snowstorm. Injured when her horse stumbles, she’s rescued by a mysterious knight. She recovers at his run-down manor, safe at last—until her betrothed tracks her down two days before Christmas. Trapped at home with the wedding imminent, she longs for the winter knight she’s come to love.

Only a miracle can bring Clare and Nick together. But at Christmas, anything is possible
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Week 2 Excerpt

He grabbed his mug, downed the last of his ale, and rose, the legs of the heavy bench squalling against the wood floor. He picked up his still-damp cloak, then tossed it across his chair. “Rance, lend me your mantle,” he called as he strode toward the door.

The other knight broke away from the group warming themselves at the fire and handed Nicholas his dry cloak. “Want me to come along?”

“No need for you to get out in this damned mess.  I’ll see what has Tom so upset. Make sure the door shuts, though, will you? That’s our first repair once the storm ends.”

Impossible to warm much of the hall when wind whistled down what little heat the central fire produced. God knew, this place needed updating.

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